We keep our classes small in order to place priority on form and feeling. We will incorporate use of resistance bands, balls, foam rollers, straps and other surprises to facilitate a deeper understanding of the “core”. You will learn how the spine & torso communicate with the limbs and what it means to feel strong while you are at ease.

We want you to gain the knowledge and experience that is crucial to sensing your alignment throughout the day! We wish you could take us with you once you leave the studio, but that’s just not possible! So, we are dedicated to provide a class that can help you be your best teacher!


$50 or $180 for 4 ($45 each)

Mat Class

A maximum of 4 students. Class is 50-minutes.

Apparatus Duet

A maximum of 2 students. Duet is 50-minutes.

Class Schedule

To Be Determined

Please contact us with class type, days and times that work for you! We will do our best to accommodate you!

*because we keep the classes small, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy*