Lindsay’s fascination with anatomy, physiology, performing arts and Pilates inspired her to be a physical therapist. She has been analyzing the physics and biomechanics of human movement for over 15 years. She continues to study intensely to refine her manual therapy skills and expand her Pilates & physiotherapeutic repertoire, allowing her to engage with clients for rehab and wellness. Lindsay has been fortunate to have learned from and practiced alongside many amazing Pilates teachers, physical therapists and physicians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. For the past four years, she practiced at the renowned Saint Francis Center for Sports Medicine and Dancemedicine in Walnut Creek. Lindsay has had success helping competitive athletes and dancers young and old, professional dancers, weekend warriors, full-time parents, and everyone-in-between. She is a teacher at heart and helps clients learn the anatomy and process of their injury, the elaborate inter-relationships of biomechanical dysfunction, and how it all relates specifically to each individual’s structure - because we are all truly unique. Lindsay has a keen ability to analyze movement and detect inefficiency with precise detail. Her extensive training has given her subtle, yet effective strategies to help people learn and access efficient and healthy ways to move. Lindsay believes that people can heal themselves and advance their performance through movement and the art of manual therapy. 

Lindsay lives in Reno with her husband and two children. She enjoys playing outdoors, running, swimming, snow sports, Pilates, ballet, cooking, taking care of the family, spending time with friends, and helping people maximize their potential!

Educational Background

Doctor of Physical Therapy - 2008

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - 2004

Pilates for Rehabilitation Certification - 2009

Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis (SEAS) Level 1 - 2019

Schroth Three Dimensional Method Certification - 2016

Manual Therapy & Pilates Continuing Education - ongoing

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